4 Types Of People According To Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha born as Siddhart Gautam left his kingdom along with all the luxuries of life to find the ultimate truth of life. After years of tapasya and sadhana he attains enlightenment. After that he dedicates his entire life to spread the wisdom he got that changed his life.

Gautam Buddha said that there are only 4 types of people in the world.  First one who goes from darkness towards darkness. The person is already having a lot of problems in life, lot of stress in life and he is taking actions that are further creating problems in life.

Second one who goes from lightness toward darkness. Person is having a good life, everything is fine in his life. But he is taking actions that are creating problems in life. This tendency of his will further make his life more stressful and problematic.

Third one who goes from darkness towards lightness. Person for certain reasons is having difficulties in life. He is facing a lot of challenges in life. But he is taking correct actions in life. His actions are bringing productive changes in life. Eventually he will make his life better.

Fourth one are those who goes from lightness towards lightness. The person is having a good life. He acknowledges this fact and constantly strives to keep his actions productive so that he can keep his life better.

What type of person are we does not depend upon the situation we are in but it depends upon who we choose to be today. So what you are choosing to be today?

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