• September 25, 2023

How To Make Planets Stronger In Horoscope?

How To Make Planets Stronger In Horoscope?

In order to make any planet stronger the general understanding is to wear the stone related to that planet. However it is not the case all the time.

According to Jyotish Shastras, when a planet is debilitated in a kundali or when the planet is not in stronger position then it is not advisable to wear the stone. So, the question is how to make planets stronger without wearing respective stones?

To answer that question we are bringing some basic do at home practices to make the planet stronger in the kundali:


Gold & copper are the metals associated with Sun. In order to make sun stronger in kundali without wearing Manek stone one must wear accessories made of those metals. Ring, bracelet, gold chain, etc are excellent ways to give power to the planet.

Another most famous way to make sun stronger is serving water to the sun. It has been a practice from a long time to offer water first thing in the morning after bath.

The benefit of this practice is that you get sunlight physically and also spiritually the planet in your kundali becomes stronger.


To make moon stronger in your planet you should wear white clothes. One of the most famous practices to make moon stronger is to do upasana of Mahadevji as he is adhipati (lord) of Chandra.

Also having white or silver color objects with you gives power to the planet. Having a white pen, white or silver phone also gives power to the planet. Wearing pearl bracelet or necklace is also a good option. Also wearing silver ornaments will empower the planet in the kundali.


One of the most infamous practice is to do pranam to dharti maa right after waking up in the morning. In order to make mars strong doing mantra jaap of mangala is also very effective.

Visiting ganapati temple or hanuman temple every Tuesday gives immense power to the planet. Keeping anger at the bay also channelizes the power of the planet.


Mercury is the lord of speech, hence doing any type of mantra sadhana will empower the planet. Also doing jaap of budha mantra empowers the planet in the kundali.

Doing upasana of Vishnu gives great power to the aspects of Mercury as Vishnu is the adhipati of Budha graha.

Wearing Green Clothes is always an effective option to make the planet strong. Budha is napunsak, it gives result like the planets he is with. So depending upon the case one can do the sadhana of the associated planet.


Dev guru Brihaspati is guru of all planets and gods. Hence, by doing upasana of any guru, brihaspati also becomes strong. Yellow is the color of Guru, so by donating yellow color things it empowers the planet.

By respecting elders guru becomes strong. It also becomes strong by being in touch with wise people, as guru is lord of wisdom.


White is the color of Venus, by wearing white clothes or bright color clothes venus becomes strong in the kundali. The planet is also associated with women. Respecting women especially wife enhaces the power of the planet in the kundali.

Adhipati of the planet is Mahadev so by doing upasana of Mahadev venus becomes extremely strong in the kundali.


Saturn or shani is a planet that scares a lot of people. It is one of the slowest planet in the astrological world. So its effect always lasts long and if the effects are malicious it gives a lot of pain to the person.

In order to channelize the energy of Saturn or shani one should work honestly. Honest people should not worry about shani. And most importantly do not indulge into any type of addiction or gambling.


Rahu is the head of the demon Rahuketu. It is the planet associated with cunning intellect. By doing mantra jaap of the planet it becomes stronger.

By using your cunningness for the betterment of the society or people around you, the planet becomes stronger and gives good results.


Ketu is the body of the demon Rahuketu. It is the planet of indifference and is strongly related with moksha.

By becoming indifferent to the miseries of life this planet can become extremely strong and will bring dramtic productive changes in your life.


All the practices given above are generalized practices and can be done by anyone. In order to have a customized solution for your kundali contact the writer.

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