How to regain our self-respect that we have lost in loving someone immensely?

How to regain our self-respect that we have lost in loving someone immensely?

Life Coach Sahil Kumar Nagpal explains how we can regain our self-confidence, our self-respect.

How we create our ethical values?

Each and everyone of us consciously or unconsciously create certain ethical values. Things that we consider as right or wrong. This tendency of the mind comes into play from very early days of childhood.

How we loose our self-respect & self-confidence?

Growing up our behavior in day-to-day activity is according to this set of ethical values. However at times we do get so much entrapped in materialistic things that we ignore our own morals.

When we are in love with someone or when we sub-consciously seeking for someone’s approval we get so much delusional that we in a way loose our sense of right & wrong. And then we do things that we later regret. Eventually we loose our self-respect and we also loose our self-confidence.

3 Things To Regain Lost Self-Respect & Confidence

1) Accept Reality:

Important thing is to accept it. Everyone of us makes mistake in life. It is part of life. The incident that has happened is not that damaging than the guilt. We need to accept that it has happend with us and we need to normalize it.

2) Let Go:

Second thing is let that person go. When I say let that person go, I mean in your head let him or her go. Growing up we all create a certain vacuum in our head. Vacuum of love, affection & belongingness. Subconsciously we try to find a person who can fill that vacuum.

Sometimes we get attracted to certain person and get delusional that the person will fill that vacuum. But in reality that person is not capable of filling that vacuum. We need to let that person go, eventually we will find someone who is made to fill that vacuum.

3) Helps Someone:

Go out and help someone. Studies show that whenever we help someone we feel empowered. You don’t need to do something big. You can feed someone poor, give some reference to someone, listed someone who needs to listened.

These are some basic tips to regain you self-respect and confidence. Hope it was helpful. To ask your questions comment below.




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