Lucky Colors (Colours) For Different Planets In Astrology

Lucky Colors (Colours) For Different Planets In Astrology

All the celestial bodies have some direct or indirect impact on planet earth. And so directly or indirectly it impacts our lives.

According to astrology (jyotishi) different planets impacts our lives in different ways. By doing certain processes and keeping certain aspects in behavior we can make the planets stronger.

In this article we will be looking at what type of clothes to wear to make planets stronger in our Kundali.


Sun is source of all energy on planet earth. The color of Sun is golden, yellow, orange, red and white. Wearing golden or yellow color clothes especially on Sunday gives power to the planet in the kundali.


Moon is related with healing powers. All the herbs having healing tendency grows in moon light. The color of moon is white, sky blue and silver. Wearing such light colored clothes especially during Mondays strengthens planet moon in kundali.


Mars is the lord of war. Its color is red, orange. Wearing orange color clothes empowers the impact of planet in our kundali.


Mercury is lord of intellect, speech and knowledge. Bottle Green is it’s color. Having a green piece of cloth, handkerchief or napkin gives power to the mercury.


Jupiter is the Guru of all the gods. It is the planet of wisdom and knowledge. Yellow and white are it’s colors. Wearing yellow color clothes gives power to the planet.


Venus is the lord of pleasure. It’s colors are white, black, blue.


Saturn is the slowest planet in the kundali. It’s impacts are very toxic at times. Dark blue and black are it’s colors.


Northern node of moon is Rahu. It’s colors are dark grey and smoky blue. Wearing such clothes during Saturday empowers the planet.


Light Grey is the color of the southern node of moon, named as Ketu. Ketu is the planet of indifference. Wearing such colors clothes empowers the planet.


You can use all the tips or some of the tips as you feel intuitively. For more precise solution to your kundali message the writer.

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