Who is the most important Deva (God) of Life?  Chandogya Upanishad

Who is the most important Deva (God) of Life? Chandogya Upanishad

We all live in different illusions of life. We all have different definition of life. Some say life is full of happiness, some say life is full of challenges. Some say life is nothing without the family, some say life is nothing without work.

Some may say I cannot live without the love of my life, some say that I never compromise with my morals.

There is a story in Prashno Upanishad and Chandogya Upanishad that explains the basis of life. This story instantly drops all the illusions we have created in our mind. One you read this story and meditate on it you will start realizing the fundamentals of life. So the story goes…


One day different adhideva (gods) of the body like the god of the eyes, the god of the speech, the god of the hearing, the god of the mind, the god of the main prana (life force called as pancha prana), etc. had a severe discussion about who is superior in the body. Everyone was in arrogance that he is supreme in the body.


In this solid discussion they decided to go to their father Prajapati to find the answer. He suggested everyone to leave the body one after other for a prolonged period of time and return, this way they will know who has the most severe impact on the body & mind.


So first speech god leaves the body for long period of time and then as he returns to see whether the body is working fine or not and to his surprise he finds that just like a person who cannot speak the body survives, so they all understood that he has not that much impact.


Then goes the god of hearing out for a very long period of time and when he returns to find out that whether body is working or not, he finds out that body is working just fine like that of deaf person.


Then the god of the mind decides to go out and when he goes out for a very very long period of time and as he returns to find what impact his absence had on the body, he surprisingly finds that just like a new born baby whose mind has not yet developed, the body is working fine.


Then the god of Prana (life force/pancha prana) decides to leave and just as he starts leaving, one after other every single god gets unconscious and is dragged out of the body just like the nail gets extirpated as a powerful horse tied to it starts walking, and then they all realized and admitted that Prana (life force/pancha prana) is the supreme of all of them.

All the senses, organs, mind, everything works until we have life, the moment the life initiate an exit from the body, all other organs stops working.

Prana is Pradhana (Supreme), when you focus on prana, when you understand prana and when you take control of this primary prana then every other organ of the body comes into your control, so the practice of Pranayama is considered supreme of all.

“(Even) Brahma and other gods practice the control of prana as it removes the fear of death and so it must be practiced (by all)”

Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Classical Text On Hatha Yoga

By Maharishi Swatmarama

We may have all the illusions of life but the as we hold our breath with passing time all the ideas of life starts dropping and at the end all we want is prana that is breath.

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