Yoga Is The Most Powerful Force In The Entire World

नास्ति योगम परम बलम | Nothing In This Entire World Is As Powerful As Yoga

What does this quote means exactly? A short story of Adi-Deva Shiv and Shani Dev explains this line. This story is very much famous in Astrology and explains the influence of planets on individuals. But it also explains the power of Yoga.

Impact Of Shani

Many people believe that whenever an individual is under the influence of planet Saturn i.e. Shani Dev, he or she face a lot of trouble. But in reality Karmafaldata Shani Dev give the result of our actions. Whether good or bad but he gives the exact result that we deserve based upon the actions we took in the past.

Story Of Shiv & Shani

So one day Shani Dev decides to give the karmafal (result of actions) to Adi-Yogi Shiv. On hearing this Shiv who is Yoga-Shikhar and who is beyond any karma (actions) or karmafal (results) plans a channelizing strategy.

When Shani Dev come Shiv transforms himself into a bee and sit on a lotus flower. When Shani Dev comes and see this he says that this is the result of your actions, that you have to get transformed into a bee.

Shiv replies that this is what we Hatha Yogis do. By our intense sadhana we either kill the karma and nullify any result or we channelize the result into much more milder version.

Benefits Of Yoga Vidya

In hatha yoga the entire emphasis is on buring the stubborn impressions and rigid behaviour patterns. Over the period of time many studies have shown that Hatha Yogic practices like Nadaanusandhan, Mudra, Bandha, Samdhis, etc changes our neural pathways. It alters our behaviour patterns.

By practicing Yoga Vidya we can take conscious charge of our life. We can bring productive changes in our life.

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